A decentralized market for predictions!

Blockchain is so trendy right now that it’s become almost more trendy to discuss its limitations. I’m conservative by temperament anyway, so I’ve been reluctant to get on any cryptocurrency bandwagons; but today I’d like to make an exception. Namely, I’m really pretty excited about the possibilities that a few new companies may be opening […]

How to create a hedge fund track record

So often life presents us with closed loops, or seems to. For instance, a common question in the hedge fund world is how to go about building an investment track record, in order to justify someone giving you an allocation of money to manage, if you don’t first have any money to manage. Well the […]


After working in finance for a while, you forget that you ever had to learn the basics. Which is ironic, because your own first year was devoted so earnestly to pretending that you understood what everyone around you was talking about. Along those lines, here are a few introductory notes on a particularly fundamental trading/investment […]